Flybrid® CFT KERS

The Flybrid® CFT KERS is a new high-speed flywheel based Kinetic Energy Recovery System for racing car and mainstream automotive application. This is the first true 2nd generation KERS to come to market and represents a step change in size, weight and cost for this green technology of the future.

The complete Flybrid CFT KERS pictured above and as used in LMP1 sportscar racing is capable of 100 kW and 540 kJ of storage but weighs less than 40 kg. This is a full wet weight including the hardware shown, the electro hydraulic control system, KERS control unit, wiring loom, all fluids and the oil cooler. 

The CFT KERS is suitable for both racing and road car application and scales down well to small power outputs and small storage quantities such as would be required for a B class car. Most importantly the CFT KERS promises to be very low cost in mass production and could open up a whole new market for small, ultra efficient yet low cost hybrid cars.