The CFT KERS uses the same, proven and patented, high-speed flywheel technology as other Flybrid® products. Rotating at up to 60,000 RPM the very small flywheel can store enough energy to make a significant impact on vehicle performance and emissions.

This technology allows a range of features unmatched by the competition:

•    High power capability
•    Light weight and small size
•    Long system life
o    At high depths of discharge
o    Over a wide temperature range
o    On severe stop start duty cycles
•    Rugged and reliable
o    Fully supported bearing design resists processional torque
o    Bearings outside the vacuum can be cooled and lubricated
•    Completely safe
o    Patented containment technology
o    No retained charge in the workshop
o    Safe for emergency service workers after an accident
•    A truly green solution
o    High efficiency storage and recovery
o    Low parasitic losses
o    Low embedded carbon content

For racing applications the technology offers additional benefits over alternative battery based hybrid systems

•    Easy transportation around the world by air
•    No special pit equipment required
•    No special support staff required